February 19, 2020

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The Pachelma farm (part of the Russian Dairy Company) received an award «The best beet-sowing enterprise in Russia of 2017». The awarding ceremony was held as part of the Field Day - 2018, which took place on July 18in Bashmakovo area of the Penza region.

The contest «The best beet-sowing enterprise in Russia» is organized by the Union of Russian sugar producers and the RF Ministry of Agriculture. The awarding ceremony is traditionally held during the Field Day.

The ceremony was attended by Sergei Mironov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Union of Russian Sugar Producers. He presented honorable awards to the five best beet-growing farms in Penza based on the results of 2017. Sergei Sorokin, head of the Pachelma farm, represented the Russian Dairy Company. Sergey Mironov thanked the farm manager for the completed work and congratulated him with the deserved award.

In 2017, the farms of the Russian Dairy Company sowed 2892 hectares of sugar beet. Gross yield was 49 tons per hectare. Totally, in 2017 Rusmolco harvested 141 700 tons of sugar beet that means 47% of all the commercial crops.

July 23, 2018


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