August 6, 2020

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Rusmolco took part in the celebration of the 81-st anniversary of the Penza region

The Russian Dairy Company (a subsidiary of Olam International Limited, Singapore), one of the leaders of the country's dairy industry and the largest milk producer in the Penza region, presented its project -  the largest dairy farm for 5 200 dairy heads in the Serdobsk area - at the exhibition as a part of the celebration of the 81-st anniversary of the Penza region. The event was held on February 04.

A solemn event on the occasion of the 81-st anniversary of the foundation of the Penza region, organized for residents and guests, was dedicated to the traditions, culture and economic success of the region.

The festive event was attended by the head of the region Ivan Belozertsev. The Governor made a welcoming speech, then made a round of the exhibition, where he admired the best examples of the art, music, cookery, garment manufacture, brought from all over the Penza region.

At the show, Rusmolco presented a project of the largest dairy farm for 5 200 cows in the Serdobsk area. The total population of the farm will comprise 10 400 heads. After reaching its full design capacity, the new farm will allow Rusmolco to increase the milk production up to 436 tons a day or 160 000 tons a year. The programme is being implemented in the partnership with the Russian Agricultural Bank. The investment amounts up to 4.5 billion rubles.

To have got all the information and savored all the treats, the guests got a chance to enjoy the concert. All the songs and dances were performed by bands from different locations of the Penza region.

People were grateful and thankful to the Penza Administration for organizing such an interesting event!

February 07, 2020


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