May 18, 2024

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Rusmolco has completed a project for 7 200 heads of the dairy cattle in the Penza region

The Russian Dairy Company (a subsidiary of Olam International, Singapore, one of the TOP 3 largest milk producers in Russia) has fully completed the construction of a dairy farm for 7,200 heads of the dairy cattle in the Serdobsk area of the Penza region. The total volume of investments in the project for the entire period of its implementation amounted to 7 billion rubles. The financial partner of the project is the Russian Agricultural Bank (Rosselkhozbank).

The project was implemented in several stages. Rusmolco commissioned the first stage of the farm at the end of 2019. At the beginning of 2021 the company started the expansion of the farm from 5,200 heads up to 7,200 heads of the dairy herd.

It is scheduled to reach the full capacity of the farm in 2022. Due to that the milk production in Serdobsk dairy farm will grow up to 300 tons per day.

The construction of the modern dairy farm has created more than 400 jobs in the Serdobsk area.


Sumanta Kumar De, CEO of the Russian Dairy Company: “Rusmolco is now one of the industry leaders in the milk production in the Russian Federation. We are pleased to announce the opening of Serdobsk dairy farm. This is one of the largest farms on the European continent with 7,200 cows; 17,000 total herd and a milk production potential of 300 mt/day, i.e. 100 million liters per year. The farm is not only focused on the productivity, but it’s based on the most modern concepts (UN Sustainable development goals – UNSDG) of the environmentally sustainable production with high standards on animal health and welfare as well as social responsibility. We are an industry leader in the milk production with a low carbon footprint of about 1.48 kg of CO2e per liter, which is ahead of global averages and with a strategy to further improve on this.”

Oleg Melnichenko, interim Governor of the Penza region: "A large-scale investment project is being implemented on the Penza land. It started in 2019. More than 30 billion rubles were invested in the agriculture of the Penza region. But it's not only about the money, it's also about people: nearly 500 people have found jobs at this enterprise, this is very important. Additionally, there is also return of duties - 40 million rubles arrive to the budget of the Serdobsk area. If we talk about all levels of the budget, this figure is 540 million rubles. This is a serious enterprise with solid turnover and high tax responsibility."

The dairy farm in Serdobsk is a modern enterprise with a high level of automation of all production processes. Programs of new energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies have been introduced there. The production facilities of the farm include 10 spacious cowbarns and a platform for keeping young animals. The milking area consists of three milking parlors allowing to milk simultaneously over 1000 heads per hour. Moreover, at the farm you can find an automated manure removal system, a workshop for manure processing and bedding production.

An innovative approach during the milking process allows to reduce a level of mastitis diseases and to increase the milk production. Robots ensure the constant availability of the feeds on the feed table.

Special attention is paid to the conditions of keeping and rearing animals: improved system of stalls arrangement in the cowbarns, modern system of ventilation and cooling of the livestock, expended feeding table in milking cows barns.

The farm presents an innovative system for raising calves from the birth up to 6 months old, where you can find automated processes for feeding, weighing and health monitoring.


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