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Rusmolco: Results of the social and corporate work in 2023

Rusmolco traditionally sums up the results of the year and awards the best employees on Agriculture Day. In 2023, 123 people of our company were awarded with certificates of honor and gratitude of various levels.

The 1st of June is World Milk Day. We prepare for this day beforehand, with special trepidation. So, in 2023, Milk Day was organized in all the business units of Rusmolco: during June-July, all the employees of the Company received a briquette of delicious ice cream. The campaign culminated in a training session for specialists of the Dairy team, organized at one of the recreation centers of the Penza region, where the professionals discussed current trends in the dairy industry, analyzed complex production cases, shared stories of their personal and professional success, and exchanged views on how to overcome challenges in the era of turbulence.

Specialists in the agricultural sector of Rusmolco traditionally take part in Field Day, where they meet with partners from different companies, discuss the current situation, and find solutions to difficult issues.

In June 2023, a large-scale event was organized at the seed plant in Bashmakovo for specialists and managers of crop divisions of Rusmolco, where people got master classes on growing high-margin crops, lectures on methods of increasing crop yields, and a briefing on seed production.

The Russian Dairy Company pays special attention to the professional development of its employees. In February 2023, the company launched a project on Internal Training aimed at improving professional skills of specialists of production units. Also, to maintain motivation, the company organized a competition "The Best Employee of the Month", where the best employees are determined in three categories: "Innovator of the Month", "The Most Productive worker", "The Most Positive worker". Thus, in 2023, 36 employees became holders of these honorary titles. 

The organization of quality recreation is another fundamental principle within the company. Since autumn 2023, a tradition of board and intellectual games has been formed at the head office. Games help to establish interpersonal communication, speed up a learning process, and make work more productive and enjoyable. The company also has a table tennis corner, which helps employees to relieve stress and maintain good physical shape. In 2023, the company's employees supported the national project "Walking Man", as well as took an active part in ski races. Another good sports tradition is a corporate visit to the swimming pool.

Preserving and improving the health of employees is an important component of the company's social policy. In 2023, the Russian Dairy Company continued to implement a program to provide its employees with health resort vouchers. 35 people took advantage of this program.

During 2023, Rusmolco actively supported sports and other social initiatives of the Government of the Penza Region. Thus, some equipment and uniforms for children's sports teams of Penza and Penza region were purchased.

Taking care of the younger generation is an important part of Rusmolco's strategy: traditionally, in 2023, the company organized educational and entertainment events for the children of employees, as well as provided charitable assistance to low-income families of the Penza region.

In addition, Rusmolco financially supports employees who find themselves in difficult life situations. During 2023, Rusmolco paid out about 2.5 million rubles to workers in need.

An important advantage of the company is the construction of houses for employees. The company participates in the state program for the development of rural areas of the Penza region, within the framework of which 26 houses have been built.

Work with students is carried out on an ongoing basis: Rusmolco has been working with the Penza State Agrarian University for more than 11 years. As part of this partnership, the best students receive personal scholarships from the Russian Dairy Company, undergo practical works at Rusmolco enterprises, and then stay there for permanent employment. In 2023, we started building partnerships with other agricultural universities such as the K.A. Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy, the N.I. Vavilov Saratov State University of Genetics, Biotechnology and Engineering, the P.A. Kostychev Ryazan State AgrotechnologicalUniversity. To attract young people to the agricultural sector, Rusmolco gives special target letters to school graduates. The target letter provides school graduates with an opportunity to enter agricultural universities for free.

Nowadays, the environmental agenda is of particular importance. Rusmolco does not stand aside from participation in solving environmental issues. Rusmolco promotes a number of green initiatives. In September 2023, Rusmolco employees actively participated in the "Plant a Tree" campaign when 30 fruit trees were planted in Zelyony Dol village. In 2023, as part of the federal environmental program "School of Recycling", Rusmolco organized a large-scale collection of used equipment.

Rusmolco is a socially-oriented company, the work of which is impossible without support of social initiatives and charitable assistance. The amounts allocated for various social projects are increasing every year, and the provision of assistance inside and outside the company has already become a good tradition. In total, Rusmolco spent over 9 million rubles on social initiatives and charitable projects in 2023.



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