November 28, 2020

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Rusmolco increased the cattle population by 28% for 9 month 2020     Rusmolco had prepared over 300 000 tons of feeds during the harvesting campaign 2020                   Rusmolco took part in the Doors Open Day at Penza State Agrarian University   Rusmolco gathered over 1 000 hectares of soybeans for seeds      Sumanta Kumar De shared Rusmolco's investment story during a briefing at AmCham   Rusmolco launched the second carousel-type milking parlor at the largest Russian dairy farm  


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RUSSIAN DAIRY COMPANY summarized results of the year

On December 12, Rusmolco held a festive event devoted to the successful completion of the agricultural year where the management and employees summed up the harvesting campaign results and reported on the work performed this year.

The year 2016 has become the fifth year of Olam International and Rusmolco collaboration. Due to the high degree of mutual understanding and joint efforts of the Russian and Western specialists, Rusmolco shows a positive dynamics during several years. There is a significant increase in all fields of the company’s activity with regard to the year 2015.

As of December 2016, the cattle stock in the company amounts to 15500 heads. By January 1, 2017 the gross milk production will reach 57500 tons.

In order to provide the milking livestock with the herd replacements, the company is finishing the construction of a breeding center in the Kuznetsk area for 5200 heads. As of now, the breeding farm contains more than 3600 heifers.  The Kuznetsk farm has already delivered to the dairy units of Rusmolco 2500 bred heifers this year. By the end of 2016, the center will supply 200 more heads.  Rusmolco is planning to put into circulation not less than 2700 heifers every year. In this way, the company will be able to stop the heifers importation from abroad. In addition, the company is going to sell heifers to other farms of the region.

Positive dynamics is also noted in the agri branch of Rusmolco. Plans concerning feed provision are completely performed. This year the company has prepared 98000 tons of haylage, 21000 tons of silage, 14000 tons of high moisture corn.

In addition, an average yield of 122000 tons of grain and leguminous crops harvested is  5,1 tons per hectare.

The company harvested 113500 tons of sugar beet, 25400 tons of industrial crops. Soybeans yield amounts to 1,62 tons per hectare, sunflower yield is 2,46 tons per hectare.

All the harvest got cleaned and dried on the own elevator of Rusmolco. The final commissioning of the elevator is scheduled for 2017. Also in 2016, the Russian Dairy Company built a seed line in the Bashmakovo area, which will allow to fully satisfy requirements in seeds and will give an opportunity to prepare seeds for the third-party companies.

As of the current date, a lot of work has already been done for the harvest of 2017. 9700 hectares of winter crops have been sown; the soil for spring corn has been prepared. Over 2000 hectares of fallow land have been broken.

Sumanta Kumar De, CEO of Rusmolco, has noted that the company has been showing consistent high results in all branches of its activity. «We will continue to invest in the development of the agriculture. At the moment, we are working on the expansion of the area under crops, we are increasing capacities in dairy by constructing additional cow barns for 1200 heads both in Arshinovka and Narovchat».

December 15, 2016


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