August 9, 2020

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Rusmolco announces new investment expansion program in dairy farming in Russia

Rusmolco, subsidiary of Olam International Limited (Singapore), one of the largest producers of premium quality milk in Russia, launched its 4.5b RUB (USD 70m) new investment program, expanding its current capacities.

Under this program Rusmolco will build up the largest full cycle dairy complex in Russia in two stages. At the first stage the dairy complex will have the capacity for 2,500 milking cows and is planned to be put into operation at Q4 2019. At the second stage the capacity of milking cows is planned to be increased by 5,200 cows with total cattle herd reaching 10,400 and is expected to be put into effect by Q4 2020.

The investment program is performed in partnership with Rosselhozbank in Serdobsk district of Penza region. New complex would increase dairy production from current 255 tons up to 436 per day, and the annual production volume will reach 160,000 tons of raw milk. Rusmolco will keep producing high quality premium milk, much above the strictest requirements on safety and quality.

At the land area of 67 hectares the new dairy complex will include 7 cowsheds, 4 calf houses, milking premises, feed warehouses, autonomous systems of water and energy supply and manure removal. All facilities will be equipped with the best hi-tech equipment, including innovation system of preparation cows for milking, 2 carousels for 80 cows with the capacity of milking over 1,100 cows per hour, which decreases the risks of mastitis and increases milk quality, robotized feed control, ensuring that right volume of feed is given to each cow.  

Special focus will be given to animal health and growth conditions: through innovative ventilation system, simplified access to feed and drinking each cow will get a larger area for living. The dairy complex will also have a modernized system of heifer growth from birth till 2 months, weight tracking and health monitoring.

It’s planned to implement new genetic heifer reproduction programs (genotyping, individual selection of bulls with best genetic parameters), which will ensure higher productivity potential of herd.

New dairy complex will additionally create 300 new jobs in Penza region.

‘Putting into operation of the new dairy complex will make a significant impact not only on Penza region, but on the whole dairy industry of Russia’ – says Sumanta Kumar De, General Director of Rusmolco – ‘it would create hundreds of new jobs and give an extra impulse for further development of related and support sectors in Volga region, including feed production, development of animal genetics, setting up cheese production and dairy processing’.

New complex will also meet highest sustainability standards, as it would implement full manure recycling into bedding and organic fertilizers, water recuperation system, usage of the most advanced energy-saving technologies.

“There are now more and more examples of the ‘intelligent’ agriculture in Russia. Rapid evolution of technologies makes it now possible to control the full cycle of farming, as electronic systems ensure fast transmission and analysis of data for each facility. New dairy complex - is a spectacular example of the efficient implementation of innovations in agriculture. As a key financial partner of Rusmolco, Rosselkhozbank supported with optimism the construction of the new hi-tech dairy complex, which, above all, puts on top sustainability issues” - noted Irina Zhachkina, First Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of Rosselkhozbank.

August 1, 2019


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