November 28, 2020

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Rusmolco increased the cattle population by 28% for 9 month 2020     Rusmolco had prepared over 300 000 tons of feeds during the harvesting campaign 2020                   Rusmolco took part in the Doors Open Day at Penza State Agrarian University   Rusmolco gathered over 1 000 hectares of soybeans for seeds      Sumanta Kumar De shared Rusmolco's investment story during a briefing at AmCham   Rusmolco launched the second carousel-type milking parlor at the largest Russian dairy farm  


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Field Day at Bashmakovo seed plant

Throughout numerous years, Field Day in Russia has become one of the most large-scale events for agriculture professionals and a key venue to share innovative ideas in sustainable agriculture, groundbreaking products and solutions the industry has to offer and showcasing top-machinery, equipment and best management practices.

The government gives the right to host 'Field Day' to the company, which has shown performance excellence and outstanding achievements in the last several years and has, therefore, become a benchmark in the industry.


Based on these criteria, this year the right to host 'Field Day' was awarded to Rusmolco's seed plant (Olam's subsidiary in Russia's Agri and dairy farming).

This seed plant with a capacity of 25,000 tons per year was just put into effect in 2016, and already gained a reputation as one the best in the region by supplying high-quality seeds.

During 'Field Day' this year Rusmolco hosted over 400 participants from all regions in Volga area. Industry professionals, as well as government officials, acknowledged Rusmolco's work and achievements - the best practices for sustainability in-field experiments, conservation efforts, and demonstrated methods to increase yields and profits, and more. 

Victor Eremtsov, COO Agri, conducted the tour around the facility for the Penza governor and key producers, highlighting key achievements of the company. 

Vice-Governor - Minister of Agriculture of Penza region thanked the management of Olam and Rusmolco for hosting 'Field Day', which helps to uplift agri-practices in the region and disseminates the knowledge within the farming community.

One of the small farmers, first time visiting ‘Field Day’, was much impressed by the scale and variety of machinery and equipment displayed: ‘When we work from seed to shelf, we usually don’t pay much attention to the ‘prehistory’ of seeds before they are planted, and at Rusmolco’s seed plant I saw with my own eyes, how new technologies allow to manage different characteristics of seed and make it more adaptable to weather and soil conditions. This plant provides us with the new generation of seeds of higher productivity and requiring fewer pesticides or fertilizers which makes them more favourable to the environment. It’s important that the company keeps sustainability on top in further developing agriculture’. 

July 1, 2019


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