December 5, 2020

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Back to the USSR: leadership from Rusmolco

The last Friday, the Russian Dairy Company organized a team-building event at one of the most picturesque country places of the Penza region - camp with a beautiful and romantic name “Creek”.

Rusmolco’s employees came back to the USSR: all of them turned into pioneers* and recalled their best school years!


The day started from the morning exercises, as old-timey Soviet Union. Then, people were divided into 7 teams. Every team had got its leader. The goal was to get maximum points at minimum time.  To achieve that target, everybody had to be well coordinated and well organized. The right intercommunication between members of one team played also a significant role in pursuing an objective.

Cheering up, “pioneers” took part in various sports competitions and team games in the fresh air. The ardor and striving for victory made that day very hot!


The most interesting games were:

Semaphore where you should guess the word only via body movements and signals.

Words making when you should construct out of one word as many words as you can.


Weaving a net when you play wool balls and, by that, you create a solid net.


Pilling potatoes: in surprise twist, all the men were rather skilled in that and managed to do that quite quickly!

Skipping rope: the most rousing competition – a winner skipped 100 times!


Throughout the competitions, people unlocked their talents: to everybody’s surprise, an Indian Lilit Kumar Baratam was very habile in making Russian words, Rusmolco’s CEO Sumanta Kumar De scrambled over the wall amazingly alert, a financier Vladimir Alexeev built a tilt in a very nimble and smart way.

After all, by scoring, a winning team was announced: “Let's hear it for the team led by Alexey Nefyodov!”

That team consisted of people from different branches: construction, finance, dairy production. However, in spite of diverse professional interests, people showed cohesion, unity and high-level team spirit! All that resulted in the VICTORY of the team!


Prizes, dinner in a friendly atmosphere, discotheque and riding horses energized people to soar to new heights and conquer new peaks in their professional and private lives!

Well done, RUSMOLCO!

Go ahead!

* Pioneers: under the Soviet Union, it was a mass youth organization  for children of the age of 9 –15 years old. It existed from 1922 up to 1991. It is similar to the Scouting organizations.

The uniform of pioneers consisted of red scarves and red caps of special shape.



August 22, 2019


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