August 6, 2020

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Rusmolco celebrates Russian Agricultural Day with the kids from an orphanage

By tradition, in Russia, the Day of the Agriculture is widely celebrated as a big event with concerts and other arrangements . This year, keeping aside official ceremonies, the Russian Dairy Company preferred to celebrate the Agri Day with kids from the orphanage.
The kids were invited to visit Arshinovka farm, one of the production enterprises of Rusmolco.

During the tour around the farm, the kids saw how the cows live, eat and give milk.  They were amazed by the size of the farm, variety of modern equipment and use of digital solutions everywhere.
‘I did not know that the cows also like to ride on a merry-go-round (a name of a rotary milking parlour) like we do’ – gave a cry of surprise Mikhail, less than 4 years of age. He could not believe that the cows come every day for milking just on time and they are so well organized.
‘When I grow up, can I find a job here?’ – asked his young friend who already started looking for job opportunities at the farm.
Rusmolco pays a special focus on working with youth and engaging with graduates from Agricultural and Zootechnic colleges and universities. The company runs different scholarship and internship programs and cooperates with leading agricultural institutions. 
‘Young and qualified specialists are more than welcome at our farms’ – said a director of the dairy farm. ‘Every day everybody comes to his / her work  place with deep passion and goes back home  with a sense of satisfaction’ – he added.
The tour was followed by lunch with lots of delicious dairy products: cheese, yogurts, quark and curd. Children prepared poems and songs dedicated to cows and their lives at the farm and presented a small concert. All the farm’s staff came to watch that performance. The air was energized with laughter, smiles and exclamations. The kids also generously shared their paintings and hand-made souvenirs with the employees of the farm.
At the end of the day the kids left the farm, probably a bit tired with all the overwhelming activity and walking around, but very happy and full of positive emotions.
Rusmolco is a part of the Olam family, and every day through its actions lives the principles of thriving local communities and growing responsibly.

October 22, 2019 


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