August 11, 2020

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Rusmolco has completed the harvesting campaign in the Penza region

Rusmolco, a subsidiary of Olam International Limited, Singapore, one of the leaders of the Russian dairy industry and the largest milk producer in the Penza region, declares the completion of the harvesting campaign. According to the results of the agricultural year, Rusmolco demonstrates the positive dynamics. In 2019, the gross collection within all over the Rusmolco’s farms amounted to 550 000 tons of grain legume crops, technical and fodder crops, which is 45 % higher compared to the previous year.

In total, Rusmolco harvested 65 257 hectares in the Kuznetsk, Serdobsk, Kondol, Pachelma, Narovchat, Nizhniy Lomov, Bashmakovo and Kamenska areas. There were involved into the harvesting campaign: more than 80 people and over 50 pieces of the machinery. All the works have been carried out as soon as is practicable.

The crop production is an important activity of the Russian Dairy Company.  This year, the company achieved a record crop yield for the Penza region. For example, sugar beet – 54,4 tonnes per hectare, corn – 7,3 t / ha, sunflower - 2.7 t / ha, green mass of silage - 22 t / ha.

In 2019, the harvest of grain and leguminous crops in Rusmolco amounted to 141 000 tons with an average yield of 4,6 tonnes per hectare.

The plans for fodder preparation are implemented in full: the growing livestock population is provided with high-quality feeds with the reserve of 1,5 years. The specialists of the Russian Dairy Company prepared more than 266 000 tons of haylage, straw, silage and high moisture corn. In particular, there were prepared: 114 000 tons of green mass for haylage, 91 000 tons of green mass for silage, 28 000 tons of corn as high moisture corn. The feed preparation is an extremely important branch of the Rusmolco’s activity. The high quality feed means the high quality milk. And this affects positively the financial results.

This year Rusmolco collected 200 000 tons of technical crops. In particular, more than 170 000 tons of sugar beet, more than 10 000 tons of soya beans, more than 18 000 tons of sunflower.

Rusmolco's investments in new technologies and equipment for the production of high-quality feeds and seed material allow achieving the high performance.

In 2019, the specialists of Rusmolco prepared 16 000 tons of seeds, which allowed to increase the sales of seed material by 1.6 times. The seed production enterprise of the Russian Dairy Company possesses all the necessary resources and equipment for the production of high-quality seed material. The production capacity of the seed plant is 10 tons per hour. The production process is fully computerized and equipped with up-to-date technologies.

At the moment, the specialists of the Russian Dairy Company have done a great job in order to prepare the sowing campaign - 2020. They have sowed 9 400 hectares of winter crops and prepared the soil for the spring crops by the application of complex fertilizers.

November 21, 2019


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