October 30, 2020

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Rusmolco increased the cattle population by 28% for 9 month 2020     Rusmolco had prepared over 300 000 tons of feeds during the harvesting campaign 2020                   Rusmolco took part in the Doors Open Day at Penza State Agrarian University   Rusmolco gathered over 1 000 hectares of soybeans for seeds      Sumanta Kumar De shared Rusmolco's investment story during a briefing at AmCham   Rusmolco launched the second carousel-type milking parlor at the largest Russian dairy farm  


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Online remote selection of the cattle

For the first time, Rusmolco will select animals for its farm online remotely. The heifers, selected by such a way, will arrive at the Serdobsk dairy farm (projected capacity is 5 200 heads) in June. The supply of the animals is implemented in accordance with approved schedule of delivery: the total amount of the imported herd in 2020 is 4 500 heads.

The company's specialists will examine the animals remotely. At the moment, the animals are in Germany. Rusmolco’s breeders will select 900 highly productive Holstein heifers: 600 heifers of 3 – 5 months of the pregnancy and 300 heifers aged 7 – 11 months old.

The selection process consists of two stages. At the first one, experts-breeders will evaluate the breeding potential of each animal by reviewing their pedigree cards with entire information about the origin, breeding and productive qualities of all ancestors. A special attention will be paid to the genetic level of the fat and protein in the milk produced as far as these are critical factors for the dairy industry.

Moreover, when selecting heifers, much attention will be paid to the age of the animals at the calving, as well as to the bull - breeder for the purpose of the potential assessment of the future generation got from these animals.

At the second stage, the company's specialists will watch all animals remotely online. It is very important to make a right decision because an animal’s exterior is connected closely to its production potential. In addition, Rusmolco’s specialists will assess the state of the health: they will check the absence of skin, hoof and other diseases.

Rusmolco started supplying livestock to the Serdobsk farm – the largest dairy farm in the Russian Federation - in 2019. To date, the total number of the herd there is over 5 000 heads. At the full capacity, the number will reach 10 400 heads.

Rusmolco announced the construction of a dairy farm for 5 200 heads in the Serdobsk area in summer 2019. The project is implemented in two stages. At the end of 2019, the first stage of the dairy farm was put into operation. The second stage will be completed by the end 2020.

May 25, 2020


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