October 23, 2020

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Rusmolco will prepare 300 000 tons of feed

Rusmolco has started foraging operations on its agricultural lands in the Penza region. The company plans to produce more than 300 000 tons of feed. This amount will be enough to fully provide the livestock with feeds for 18 months.

The Russian Dairy Company (a subsidiary of Olam International, Singapore), a leading producer of raw milk in the Penza region and one of the largest producers in the country, has started the forage procurement operations in its fields in the Penza region. In total, Rusmolco is planning to prepare more than 300 000 tons of feeds for this season. This amount will be enough to provide in full the livestock with feeds for 18 months.

The forage preparation began in early June in Kuznetsk. At the moment the process is also being carried out in Serdobsk, Narovchat, Nizhniy Lomov and Kamenka areas, where Rusmolco's agricultural lands are located.

This season, more than 5 000 hectares of corn have already been sown for silage, 10 000 hectares of perennial grasses and more than 4 000 hectares of annual grasses.  

Currently, more than 73 units of machinery from well-known brands as John Deere, Claas, Umega, LMR and Fliegl are working at the fields.

In total, all the farms plan to harvest more than 150 000 tons of green mass for haylage, 120 000 tons of corn for silage, 33 000 tons as high moisture corn, 20 000 tons of straw and 4 000 tons of hay.

The yield of the first mowing is 2 times higher than it was planned: 4 tons / ha VS 8,7 tons / ha of the actual average yield. Serdobsk achieved a yield of 13,5 tons / ha.

According to the forecasts of the specialists of the Russian Dairy Company, 50% of the total volume of haylage will be prepared during the first cut. That means a 100% guarantee of the feed provision. There are also all the signs to beat the target on the preparation of high quality feed. 

Another important point when preparing the forage is a correct compacting. For this purpose, each Rusmolco’s farm prepared trenches, where the fresh green mass is coming along with fermenting stuff. The fermentation process takes about 3 months to let the mass get ripe. After that, the feed is ready for use.

The rough food is the basis of the rations for the cows. High-quality feed in sufficient volume is a guarantee of the stable high quality milk production at the dairy farms of Rusmolco. 

June 11, 2020


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