December 7, 2023

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LLC "Prigorodnoe"

LLC “Prigorodnoye” locates in the village of Pioner, not far from Kuznetsk. It manages about 5,000 ha of lands. The farm specializes in raising the young cattle for reproduction of the milking cattle of farm LLC “Megaferma.” About 70 persons are working for LLC “Prigorodnoye” Deputy Director General of the farm is Kondrashina Vera Pavlovna.

442537, Penza Region, Kuznetsk District, Kuznetsk, Chkalova Str, 82 
Telephone: +7 (84157) 2 19 86
Fax: +7 (84157) 2 70 68

LLC “Agrocomplex”

LLC “Agrocomplex” locates 134 km from Penza in the village of Yevlashevo, Kuznetsk District. At present the farm has in its management over 4.5 thousand ha of land. The farm is headed by Kondrashina Vera Pavlovna.

442508, Penza Region, Kuznetsk District, Evlashevo, Zelenaya Str., 10
Telephone: +7 (84157) 53 2 40
Fax: +7 (84157) 53 2 87

LLC “Megaferma”

“Russian Dairy Company” built the dairy complex for 1200 heads of cattle in the Kuznetsk area of the Penza Region. The new facility applies the best practices of cattle breeding and is provided with the up-to-date equipment.

Today the livestock is over 1300 heads of cattle. In 2011 the farm plans to produce about 6,000 liters of milk. The farm employs about 70 people. The farm is headed by Kondrashina Vera Pavlovna.

442509, Penza Region, Kuznetsk District, Tat.Kanadey, Shkolnaya Str, 43A
Telephone: +7 (84157) 53 2 40? 54 6 22
Fax: +7 (84157) 53 2 87


For the matters of employment and making appointment for interview, please, apply to the HR Department of “Russian Dairy Company”.

 HR Department  

 Тел. +7 (8412) 205-213

All vacancies

+7 (8412) 207 513
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