November 17, 2019

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RAO “Narovchat”

RAO “Narovchat” entered the “Russian Dairy Company Limited” in January 2008. Its lands locate in the village of Potoleevo; the administration office and dairy farm are in the village of Pany, 150 km from Penza. On 14.5 thousand ha of lands they cultivate cereal and forage crops. In September 2010 RAO “Narovchat” implemented a project on construction of the new dairy farm for 2600 heads.

The enterprise is built to satisfy the highest world standards. The complex applies the most advanced technological solutions and optimal practices of the world dairy business. It is provided with the highly technological equipment for milking, storage and processing of milk. The farm acquired the livestock with the best genetic potential. After attaining its full capacity the complex will produce 85 tons a day of premium grade milk or 30,000 tons of milk per year. Today the complex employs 200 people. Deputy Director General of the complex is Goloshtanov Alexander Ivanovich.

Russia, 442634 Penza Region, Narovchat District, Pany Village, Zelenaya Str., 2A
Telephone: +7 (84157) 3 48 03
Fax: +7 (84157) 3 48 30


For the matters of employment and making appointment for interview, please, apply to the HR Department of “Russian Dairy Company”.

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 Тел. +7 (8412) 205-213 

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