November 28, 2020

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Rusmolco increased the cattle population by 28% for 9 month 2020     Rusmolco had prepared over 300 000 tons of feeds during the harvesting campaign 2020                   Rusmolco took part in the Doors Open Day at Penza State Agrarian University   Rusmolco gathered over 1 000 hectares of soybeans for seeds      Sumanta Kumar De shared Rusmolco's investment story during a briefing at AmCham   Rusmolco launched the second carousel-type milking parlor at the largest Russian dairy farm  


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“Rusmolco” summarizes initial year results

“Russian dairy company” is summarizing the initial work results for the year 2012. According to the preliminary reports of the specialists, the dairy indicators are showing substantial and positive dynamics compared to the year 2011. For example, the gross milk yield has shown an increase by 30%, the increase in livestock by the end of the year will total to 36%. “Rusmolco” has met the planned requirement for feed preparation in full, thus providing the feeds for the increased livestock with its own feeds.

In the year 2012 “Rusmolco” has increased its livestock owing to two large shipments of the high productive cattle of Holstein-Frisian breed: the shipment of 450 heads was delivered at the modern farm in Kuznetsk, and the shipment of 1600 heads helped complete the livestock of the largest facility in the whole region, situated in Narovchat. By the end of the year the livestock on all the farms of “Rusmolco” will total to 10 thousand heads of cattle, which is 2,4 thousand heads higher than the result of the last year.

Due to a substantial increase in livestock and implementation of the new technologies, the farms of the company ensured a considerable increase in the milk production. The gross milk yield on all of “Rusmolco” enterprises will total over 30 thousand tons by the end of the year. This indicator is 7,5 thousand tons higher than the indicator of the year 2011. As of now, the milk yield per forage cow is on average over 7 thousand kg. At that, the milk yield per forage cow at the state-of-the-art facility in Narovchat exceeds 9 thousand kg.

The near-term plans of the company include – the commissioning of the largest industrial dairy facility with a capacity of over 120 tons of milk per day. The construction of the facility is taking place in v. Arshinovka, Nizhnelomovsky raion within the frame of the investment agreement with the company OLAM. As of now, 392 million rubles were invested into this project, by the end of the year the company is going to invest another 123 millions. It is also planned to invest 1,9 billion rubles next year. After putting the facility into operation “Rusmolco” will increase the capacity of milk production up to 100 thousand tons per year and will take up the place of the leading raw milk producer in the country.

«Dairy farming – is the main specialty of “Rusmolco”. And our cows – their quantity, herd condition, its maintenance conditions, and milk yields represent the company’s image. This year we’ve purchased over 2000 heads of purebred cattle and are planning to further increase the herd. The next shipment of cattle is planned for spring 2013, the heifers will be brought in to the new facility at Arshinovka. The implementation of the project is going as planned”, - said the first deputy general director of LLC MC “Rusmolco” Vladimir Grigoryevich Reznichenko.

December 25, 2012.


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