February 19, 2020

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Rusmolco took part in an open day held by Penza state agricultural academy

Every year “Rusmolco” takes part in the Open Day held by Penza State Agricultural Academy. This year the event took place on the 25th of September.

Kuharev Oleg Nikolaevich, the rector of the Penza State Agricultural Academy, opened the event. He told the graduates and their parents all about the enrollment procedure and the advantages of studding in the Academy. Also he narrated about the agricultural development in Penza Region and in Russia.The deans of the Engineering, Economics, Technological and Agroeconomic Faculties as well as the chairman of the admission board also took part in the event.

At the Open Day “Rusmolco” was represented by the head of the HR department, Yulia Brykina. She told the visitors about the company’s projects and the collaboration with the Academy. At the moment the company employs a lot of the Academy’s graduates.

In 2016 eight students of the Academy had their internship with “Rusmolco”. Five students were awarded with the company’s diplomas and named allowances. The parameters to be chosen were: caring out the tasks, being disciplined, and participating in the production processes. The main criteria was the willingness of the students to move to the countryside and work for “Rusmolco”.

“Rusmolco” has been cooperating with the Academy for many years. Students have their professional trainings with the company’s businesses. They have an opportunity to attend Rusmolco’s modern facilities and to achieve practical skills there. Every student is given an experienced mentor out of the company’s specialists.  The best interns get monthly allowance and get invited to work for the company.

September 25, 2016


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