February 19, 2020

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Rusmolco started a project to expand its dairies

Rusmolco, one of the largest producers of raw milk in the country (a joint venture with Olam International) has started to implement a project on expansion of existing dairy farms. The project priced at 500 million rubles envisages a creation of additional 1200 cattle stalls in Arshinovka (farm for 4600 heads) and Potodeevo (3600 heads). A completion of construction and its commissioning is scheduled for summer 2017. As a result, milk production of the company will increase by 30 tons per day.

Two new cow barns will be built under the project.

A cow barn for 700 stalls will be constructed on the territory of the dairy in Arshinovka, the Nizhniy Lomov area. This barn will be built for dry cows and heifers.

Another cow barn for 500 stalls will be built in Potodeevo, the Narovchat area, at the existent farm for 3600 heads. It will room dry cows.

The livestock for the new capacities will be imported from abroad. The first batch of 600 heads has already come from Hungary and Germany. The second one has been selected in the Netherlands and will arrive in the second half of March 

This time Rusmolco rejected a common practice of delivery pregnant animals, and proposed a new approach. Company’s specialists have personally selected abroad a batch of breeding aged heifers and are doing an artificial insemination at Rusmolco’s farms using a sexed semen.

This innovation is possible thanks to Rusmolco’s own center specialized in replacement production which is located in the Kuznetsk area of ​​the Penza region. This center is designed for 5200 heifers. Experienced professionals working over there use the most advanced technologies in the field of the herd reproduction.

The conventional technology change will allow Rusmolco to increase the percentage of heifers births from 45 % to 80% and more.

January 30, 2017


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