February 19, 2020

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Rusmolco’s specialists educate students of the Penza State Agrarian University

Rusmolco’s specialists took an active part in the educational process in the Penza State Agrarian University. In accordance with the agreement on creative collaboration between the Penza State Agrarian University and Rusmolco from February to March 2017 it is planned to read a course of lectures in the University concerning the subject «The intensive milk and beef production technologies» and to organize training for students with the visit to the company’s farms.

On February 21, Yuri Zinkin, COO Dairy of Rusmolco, read the lecture for students of the Faculty of Technology. He told the students about the work of the company, a new ideology of the development of the dairy cattle breeding. Y. Zinkin introduced them peculiarities of intensive milk production technology and dwelt upon modern requirements to the conditions of management, feeding and care of animals. A particular attention was paid to the use of computer technologies in the herd management.

On February 27, students of the University visited Rusmolco’s herd reproduction center in the Kuznetsk area. The students learnt a technology of heifers breeding. After the excursion, students had a discussion with Sergey Tikhonov, director of the center.

On February 28, Pavel Uryadov, chief specialist in the reproduction, gave a lecture on the topic «Problems of the herd reproduction at modern dairy farms».

During the lecture, they identified all the items of herd reproduction, discussed the peculiarities of artificial insemination technologies of cows and heifers, problems of calving, and calves rearing. A particular attention was paid to modern methods of reproduction biotechnologies.

In March, Valentina Kukhareva, chief veterinarian of Rusmolco, will conduct a chalk and talk session in the University. A session will be devoted to the problems of treatment and prevention of diseases of dairy cattle in the conditions of intensive milk production.

Within this project, the University students will visit also Rusmolco’s dairy farm in the Narovchat area and the country's largest dairy farm in the Nizhniy Lomov area.

Rusmolco has been cooperating with the leading agricultural University since 2012. A serious attention is given to the issue of staff training. Over the years, the company pays scholarships to the best students of the University. The University students get practical experience at the company's enterprises.  Many of them are invited to join the Rusmolco team in the future! 

March 6, 2017


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