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“Russian Dairy Company Limited” maintains close partnership contacts with the leading Russian and foreign companies. Among the partners of “Rusmolco” there are many large international corporations which products had won international markets long ago. Cooperation with reliable partners is one of the key factors of success for “Rusmolco”.


   Ministry of Agriculture of the Penza region is an executve authority of the state power which is engaged in carrying out the goverment policy and the implementation of the state management of theagro-industrial branch of the region, the implementaton of fishery activities, sustanainable development of the rural areas, the implementaton of the control livestock breeding in the region. The Ministry of Agriculture is implementing the state policy in the field of the veterinary, is engaged in the organization and implementation of the State Veterinary Surveillance. Responsible for licensing of some types of activities.

The Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agriculture of the Penza region is Ivan Firyulin.

Group of Companies “Danone-Unimilk” appeared in 2011 after merging of the Russian Company “Danone-Russia” – the major manufacturer of milk products, and young quickly progressing company “Unimilk”. At present GC “Danone-Unimilk” unites about 30 milk farms. The united company accounts for over 20% of the RF market of milk products. The products of “Danone-Unimilk” are sold in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. 

  Established in 1939 in the USA this company became one of the renowned leaders in the milk manufacturing industry. BouMatic produces practically the whole range of the equipment required in milk production: from automatic milking systems to cooling tanks, from disinfection means to computer-based cattle management. 
MULTIGROUP Development started its activity at the real estate market in 1999. The company quickly developed from building of separate houses to planning and building of cottage settlements. An own project bureau was founded in 2004, that allowed to carry out the complete cycle of development.

Conquering a reliable company image at the out-of-town property market, in 2007 MULTIGROUP Development went out to the market of commercial property. MULTIGROUP Development is the member of international association of IASP and enters the selfregulating organizations(СРО) in area of building and planning.
“RUSMOLCO” uses the equipment of Company “WestfaliaSurge”, the leading developer of the equipment for milk cattle breeding. The Company was established in 1926 and for already eight decades it has been the reliable partner of the milk manufacturers worldwide, including Russia.
US Company AGCO is one of the world’s top manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment. The machinery produced by AGCO is sold in 140 world countries. Its top brands are Challenger, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Valtra. The Company possesses the largest dealer network in the industry – 3000 representative offices with the full-cycle performance.
Austrian Company “Hatzenbichler” manufactured and supplied agricultural machinery from 1946. The Company applying the most advanced agricultural technologies delivers to the market the machinery designed for energy-saving technologies. It specializes in production of ordinary and wide-cut implements for soil cultivation and multifunctional complexes for sawing cereals and furrow crops. These machines represent the novelty technological solutions permitting to take into account all peculiarities of crop cultivation, soil and climatic conditions. The machines demonstrate specialty design, reliability and high performance characteristics.
“Irbis, Ltd.” was founded in 2005 as a company specializing in development of technological solutions and all design and cost estimate documentation for dairy complexes and farms. By 2009 “Irbis, Ltd.” prepared 8 projects of complexes for 800 to 1200 heads of cows in Belgorod, Lipetsk, Ryazan, Kaluga, Volgograd and Penza Regions.

A company " DocsVision" is the developer of control system by documents and business processes of «Docsvision». The specialists of company enter in the complement of branch expert advices, and take part in forming of standards of electronic circulation of documents, including at state level.

A company " DocsVision " adheres to the Vendor model of doing business : sales of the system Docsvision comes true exceptionally through the partner network of company that to date counts about 80 partners in Russia and countries. For comfort of customers the platform " of Docsvision" jointly with partners is elaborated in few languages.

BAUER TECHNICS is the leader in group of firms "BAUER AGROMILK". Group started with carry business in the year 1992 in the late Czechoslovakia, at first like selling and servicing group for BAUER GmBH Voitsberg. BAUER TECHNICS is mainly specialized on big projects, let us say "turn key" projects and big, mainly exportable complex supplies of technologies, technological entities and whole buildings. Company’s main activities are in the sphere of capital equipment- farms for agriculture, but also companies for food-processing industry(processing of meat, milk), storage and processing of agricultural products,but also bionomics - storage and processing of slurry from farms including biogas reactors.
Company A/S S.A. CHRISTENSEN & Co. founded in 1938 is now one of the major producers of milking equipment in Europe. It is 100% Danish joint stock company owned by one family. For the years of its activity it turned into a production-trade company oriented to international market. It exports milking equipment, milking halls, etc. to more than 65 world countries. The export accounts for over 60% of the total turnover of the Company.


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